APT Package Manager

Installing SeedBot and its Dependencies

To Install and Download everything you need put this into your console first:
$ sudo apt-get install curl -y
Before you put this command in make sure you are in the directory that you want SeedBot in!
$ curl -sL http://install.cdn.seedbot.xyz/apt | sudo -E bash -
Now, Once you have executed that this should show in your console, if this does not show then you have done something wrong or I have done something wrong, If you need any help feel free to Join my Discord Server to get some help!
Once you have ran this you can start getting your tokens for the bot!

Configuring SeedBot

The first thing you need to do is Create a Discord Application and a Bot User to get your Bot Token, to do this I suggest this guide.
Now to get your bot token you need to go onto your Application Page, Click Bot on the left, then click Copy below Click to Reveal Token
Once you have your Bot Token Go into the folder where you installed SeedBot and open the file config.json in your perfered text editor, I'll be using GNU Nano, now replace token-here on the second like with your token that you just copied!
After you have done that you now need to get your Youtube API v3 Token if you want the music commands to work.
To go to your credential page click here, then click on Create Project
Enter a Project Name of your choice
Now it is time to enable the YouTube Data API, First off you need to click on Library on the left hand side of the website.
After you have done that search for YouTube Data API v3
Once you have done that, Click on YouTube Data API v3 and click on the Enable Button
And Select the YouTube API with the Web Server Setting under Where will you be calling the API from?
Now you can Copy your API Key by clicking on the copy button on the far right side of the text box where the API Key is (circled in red).
Now you can go back into your perfered text editor of choice then open back up the config.json file, then replace youtube-api-token on line 3 with the token you just copied.
Now once you have done that you can start SeedBot!
To start SeedBot just type in your terminal
$ node bot.js
Now this should show in your console if you have done everything correctly.
[email protected]:~/seedbot$ node bot.js
β„Ή INFO Starting SeedBot...
β„Ή INFO Copyright 2018-2019, jyles.club and DARiOX.club
β„Ή INFO Branch: Stable
β„Ή INFO Running SeedBot Stable (1.3.0, build856)
β„Ή INFO Bot started at Mon Oct 07 2019 23:47:12 GMT+0800 (GMT+08:00)
β„Ή INFO Bot has started, with 21251 users, in 679 channels of 27 guilds.
------- Music Bot -------
> Version: 13.8.1
> Extra Logging: false.
> Node.js Version: v12.10.0
------- Music Bot -------
Congratulations! You have successfully installed SeedBot!
If you have any problems feel free to join my Support Discord Server or send us an E-mail!​
Last modified 2yr ago